Ragnar’s Swedish Knife Catalog

Our woodcarving knives are well known and appreciated precision tools that are used by wood carvers in Nusn’s, for example. This is where one of Sweden’s most recognized mora carving knives national symbols “the Dala Horse” is carved. #12058; The axe is also comes with a bright orange handle. You should be able to find this one when you lay it down!

mora carving knives

Because the handles are wood, you can also shape them to your liking. The package comes with a plastic sheath for the straight knife, too, but mine broke after some particularly hard use in the woods. I wasn’t too https://www.templadosa.com upset, though, as a custom wood and bark sheath is an excellent next project. Model 106 has a pointed blade with a cutting length of 82mm (3-1/4″) and an oiled birch handle for an overall length of 190mm (7-1/2″).

Swedish Fireknife

7 1/2″ overall. 3″ thin, tapered, laminated steel blade. It comes with a plastic sheath that can be attached to your belt. The overall length is 165 mm, roughly 6 1/2″, and the blade is 60 mm. There’s distinct line that divides the two steels used for this product.

Therefore, it is important to try & keep your carbon steel blades away from moist or damp environments as much as possible. It is also a good idea to occasionally wipe the blade with a light oil, such as mineral oil from time to time. It is also a good idea to wipe the blade dry after each use.

Mora Carving Knife 3

Carbon steel blades are the most common type of whittling knife blade. They keep a sharp edge with minimal sharpening, which is ideal for working with hardwoods. However, the blades require consistent maintenance and proper storage to ensure that they do not become rusted, frail, and essentially useless. A new whittling knife is always an exciting addition for new and experienced craftsmen alike.

Being a laminated steel it has a high carbon steel for the core sandwiched between two layers of allow steel. Comes wicked sharp right from the factory, and stupid easy to sharpen. #180; This is a farrier’s knife used for trimming the hooves of horses. But it can make a good crooked knife for those who prefer the North American style of curved carving knife. Woodcarving knife with a thin, tapered blade of laminated steel. The Old Timer 240T Splinter Carvin’ 6 Folding Knife is a good choice for whittlers who would prefer to own a single tool for an array of whittling projects.


The set comes in a bamboo storage box, which helps to protect the high carbon steel blades of the hook knife, sloyd knife, and detail knife from rust and corrosion. The knives all come with black walnut handles that are soft to the touch while containing a robust and durable material. Black walnut is naturally resistant to moisture and https://www.templadosa.com/mora-swedish-carving-knives/ decay, so there won’t be concerns about your handles swelling or cracking. This flexible set is useful for an array of woodworking projects. When it comes to the best wood carving chisels, especially the best wood carving knife for beginners it gets highly controversial. 73-164; This one is listed as a “Woodcarving knife for Children”.

  • Some of the sheaths in this group have belt slots intended for very thin belts, or to be attached to an overall button.
  • The 120 straight knife has a 9/16″ wide x 2-3/8″ long blade made from laminated steel.
  • You can absolutely use a pocket knife for whittling.
  • They have merged into “Mora of Sweden”, now known as “Morakniv”.

You use chisels and gouges and might use mallets or power tools to carve the wood. Whittling is done completely with a whittling knife. You can absolutely use a pocket knife for whittling.

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