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You can browse galleries here, then use our Request Quote form to specify which options you would like. For now, Lu says, he hasn’t slept much, and he spent the first weekend in August making sure Triller’s servers could take the sharp rise in users. L.A.’s TikTok creators earn thousands of dollars a month. But when TikTok was banned in India — due to the government’s national security concerns — Triller’s user numbers exploded. In bankruptcy court, a group of creditors bought the company’s television business, its sole hotly desired major asset, for $125 million, and relaunched it as Critical Content. ‘The Fight Club’ will also see Triller continue Triller to feature musical acts between bouts.

While TikTok’s day in the sun hasn’t ended yet, the latest threats from the U.S. and major bans from countries such as India and Australia have put the video-sharing app’s future in jeopardy. Because of this, it’s no surprise that people are getting interested in potential alternatives. Fortunately, there is a slew of excellent competitors in this field, including a new offering from Instagram.

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Co-written and directed by Aneesh Chaganty, Run is a new thriller that delivers spine-chilling suspense via the avenue of two fantastic lead performances. Although predictable and logically frail in some ways, the core of the narrative still works exceptionally well for this tense affair. Founded in 2010, Industrial Scripts® is now one of the world’s leading development companies. We provide outstanding support and opportunities to driven filmmakers.

  • As soon as you start tinkering and creating videos with Triller, you’ll notice that there’s a countdown before each recording.
  • The app lets you add stickers and text overlays to videos so that you can make even more captivating music videos.
  • That means also reading the classics, knowing genre history, and reading plenty of fiction in translation, too.
  • Since a lot of the story is prefaced on mysteries and reveals, I’ll try to keep details to a minimum and to encourage going in as blind as possible.

I already talked about creating challenges and obstacles for your protagonist. This can be anything from a bomb that is set to explode in 24 hours, or a time limit imposed on an investigation before it will be shut down. It also creates a bit of dramatic irony – when the readers know something the character doesn’t.

Meet Triller, The Tiktok Alternative

TikTok strongly denies this and says none of its international users’ data is stored in China. To me a thriller is more about the tension / excitement and having double / unpredictable endings. Eg something like Margin Call – is typically described as a Thriller / Drama. There are probably ways to rationalise this into the format above .

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